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What an Idea Amma Jee?

26 March 2011 3 Comments

Jayalalitha has the knack of showing her attitude(Read arrogance) to everyone. she did not spare anyone right from Rajeev Gandhi, even Sree Vajpayee was not spared.

Sonia was shown all the degrees of Jaya’s arrogance. So Sonia did not have any chance but to join with DMK.

Vai Ko has been with her for the last six years. He had lot of respect and ofcourse despite his LTTE Fling s he was with her. First jaya showed her colors in recent lok sabha elections. She promised a Rajya Sabha MP to vaiko party. Nothing happened. Vaiko on the other hand did not learn lessons from PMK. He did not develop his party. If you had seen the growth whatever PMK has seen MDMK has lost its vote share considerably.  It is shrinking day by day bcos lot of people joined DMK.

Vaiko is left with few loyalists. He did not develop the party and also he was concentrating on LTTE and Lanka than our own tamil nadu. Resulted in his own pit fall. Amma played the game to perfection. Under  the guidance of Vijay Mallya and Sterlite industries MDMK was thrown out in a clear cut way.We all know that amma flies in Vijay mallya  helicopter.

Vijay Mallya  wanted PMK out of the alliance bcos his beer company would get affected by PMK (prohibition) policy. So amma showed PMK out. Vijay mallya  had discussion with Mahinda in Lanka and he will be  starting a beer plant in Lanka. So in return they wanted MDMK out of Admk alliance. Result MDMK was thrown out and a cold shoulder treatment to one of the senior and good leaders of Tamil Nadu.

For your Reference: http://thatstamil.oneindia.in/news/2011/03/21/two-industrialists-rajapakshe-responsible-vaiko-aid0090.html

Jayalalitha even before coming to power has shown lot of arrogance and parasite behaviour. Lessons we learn never trust Dravidian parties. But we do not learn our listens.

Do we… Let us stop voting regional parties and make TN more dirty. It is already murky here. We have to vote for Nationalist parties. BJP who else. We keep electing one after the other without giving chance to New parties that is emerging in TN (Read BJP) and leaders like our Pon Radha Ji and our beloved Doyens like Radha Krishnan, Sugumaran Nambiar, Raja  who are the beacon for Tamil Nadu.
Time for some Retrospection and new change of our support. Time for LOTUS to Bloom, if we keep our head strong. Let us give chance to new party and  route out all DMK and ADMK. Vote for BJP  and bring back the Glory back to Tamil Nadu.

Even before coming to power when Amma can show such an arrogance think after coming to power. We (Tamil nadu people)  would be given the same treatment

I do not want to talk on DMK, as we all know what they are capable of…………..

Why we should avoid both the dravidian Parties ?

  • They are ruling us from 1967 (44 years)
  • Literacy Rate for Women :64
  • Agricultural development : < 21 % (which is our source of food).
  • Erratic Power supply. No clear cut policy for Agriculture and Farm produce.
  • Tamil Nadu has debt burden of over Rs74,000cr: as on 24 Jan 2010 .

Just a example for  Gujarat they have deposited 1 lakh crore surplus fund

Last 10 years Gujarat has debt of over 85000 crores to World Bank.

See the turn around in 10 years

  • Today Entire Singapore drinks only Gujarat’s milk
  • Unlimited 24/7 power supply
  • Asia 2nd Largest Solar Power Plant.
  • About 10 Lakh Crore investment in Gujarat in Jan 2010 alone.
  • All rivers are interlinked in the state.

If you see we have a big divide after 44 years of rule by dravidian parties rule the developmet is minimal to compared to 10 years of Gujarat development.

We can also quote Godhra . But post godhra the entire gujarat has seen a sea change development.

We do not talk about Punjab sikh riots where 84000 sikhs were killed .

25000 Kashmir pandits were thrown out of kashmir we do not talk about it because kashmir is ruled by cong alliance govt. Let us be vigilant and vote for good, time for change. New leader new governance

Time for LOTUS to Bloom, if we keep our head strong

N J Krishna

Author Krishna, is close friend of mine, works as HR Manager in a leading IT company. He has got vision and dreams for Corruption-Less India like all of us. He is an active participant in few social welfare association and competency development programs. Krishna respects the richness of our Indian Heritage and Culture and likes to contribute to the society whatever he learns and comes to know.


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