How to overcome the fear of exams?

Most students experience some level of fear of fear and anxiety during exams.However,when this fear begins to affect the performance,it has become a big problem.

What causes exam fear?
.Lack of preparation as clearly indicated by cramming the night before the exam,poor study habits,poor time management,etc.

.Worrying about the past performances,how the friends and other students are going to perform and worrying about the negative consequences of failure.

Exam fear results in nervousness and nervousness causes a student to have difficulty in reading and understanding the questions,in organizing the thoughts,in retreiving key wors and overall resulting in poor preformance in the exam.

How to overcome the fear of Examination?

Study the material well enough so that you might recall it whnever you are in stress.Learn and practice good time management and avoid laziness,procrastination and day-dreaming.Build self confidence in studying throughout the term and not by cramming the night before the exam.Learn and concentrate on the mareial you are studying by focussing on key words and chapters.Make charts and outlines which organize the information and makes your reading easier.

How to get rid of the fear of Exams?

What is it you’ve got to do?Focus on dealing with.Just take one step at a time.Think about you have got to do next rather than getting anxious.No negative or panickly self statements.Never worry as it doesn’t help you at all.Stay self confident through and through.

How to deal with the fear of exams?

Don’t think about fear,but think about what you have got to do.Stay relevant.Be relaxed and controlled.You should expect some anxiety,it is a reminder not to panic and to cope with the situation steadily. Tenseness can be an ally,a friend,it is a cue to cope.

After following these methods,you would certainly say to yourself that “I have no fear of exams.Why should I fear of exams?Exam is just a test where I’ve got to write what I’ve prepared.This certainly doesn’t mean overconfidence.It is self confidence in one’s own ability.Self confidence plays a vital factor in conquering the fear of exams.I would like to conclude by saying this:

Study when others are delaying
Listen when others are talking
Work hard when others are playing
Suceed when others are struggling.

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