Vibrant Triplicane

Few Places, things, names and words that best describes Triplicane:
  • Koovum Nadhi
  • Marina Beach
  • Beach Cricket
  • Sri Parthasarathy Temple
  • Masala Verkadalai
  • Ever alive fast foods
  • Always reliable Lodges
The whole place sleeps only at 2’O Am and comes alive in just another 2 hours. Small Business people.
Marina Ground. Situated exactly opposite to Marina Beach. It was once a veru famous ground used to facilitate Hindu Trophies. The charm was lost until the government decided to bring it back. Now it looks pretty decent to my eyes.
People with unique Tamil slang which is known as Madras Tamil..Sardhaan po.iththa poya innanunu ketukuna nee..mavane vagundruven onnae!!! (Meaning: how dare you ask this question, I will tear you into pieces).
Lodges accommodating so many bachelors who have come to the Chennai city woth so many dreams. While one has come to study the other will be there for Cinema chance purposes. It does not only stop there. There are so many who come out from their state and work here. There are two three lodges which are really ols and famous in this business.
The availability of food throughout the day is another hallmark of this place in Chennai. Nowhere else will you get this.
Triplicane is also famous of rowdism. I have myself experienced and saw few group clashes. Whenever I go out-station and come back, I hardly find any Autorikshaw wala accepting to drop me at Triplicane. They fear entering.
The place remains vibrant throughout the day. It is mainly corwded my Hindus and Muslims though you can see few many christians.
I personally believe people from this part of the city are mad about cricket than from any other place in India. Generally Chennaites have very good cricket brains. Unlike other cities you can see Chennai corwd applauds the best of performances even if it is from the opponent country. Especially in Triplicane as the Chepauk stadium itself is located here and adding this, we have a world second largest beach, we guys are really mad and love cricket to a greater extent.
These are things coming to my mind..whoever familiar about this place or any other place in Chennai can add to this.

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3 Responses to Vibrant Triplicane

  1. Sharath says:


    Nice post. The madras tamil in you post brought me fresh memories of our good old days in Nandanam Temple Towers with our good old Akshy!!!

    I had already posted this comment in response to one of your earlier post. But this is too interesting and funny to resist one more time.

    Lemme add some more from my memory. Read carefully, I really hope u will understand the slang as the following is strictly the way Akshy will put it to us:

    When Akshy’s bike got punctured he went to “Sarna Meganik “

    Sarna: Kaathu yerangitirikidhey, puncture aayitirikidhey, Thaety rubees aavum…

    Sarna’s friends names would be funnily pronounced as Balaey, Velaey, Siva, meni, refi, jagob..


    You can probably go ahead with your next post on Beach Cricket, something which has been a part and parcel of Triplicane vaasis..

    Remember West Indies is perhaps the only competitor to Triplicance when it comes beach cricket.

  2. Sarathguru Vijayananda says:


    I do remember those conversations. If you could recollect there was a story in Hindu where they mentioned a lady’s name as Gantha which is actually spelt in tamil as Kantha. If you see it was not The Hindu’s mistake, but the person’s name was told like that when the reporter enquired. There are so many other names in tamil pronounced like that. Following are few samples:

    Keedha – Geetha
    Shaandha – Shantha
    Theeba – Deepa
    Sangeedha – Sangeetha
    Sarna – Saravana
    Veleay – Velu

    Most of the person’s name who own or work in a automobile shops will be (you have mentioned them already) Balaey, Velaey, Siva, meni, refi, jagob.

    Tamil guys especially Chennai guys does need one’s name to call. They call them either Mameay or Machi.

    I have once enquired our house’s servant maid about her son and his studies. She replied like this:

    “Peyya Yeyaavadhu patchikinugeera, ippo ejam vardheay. Kaalaila padika yeyupina yeyundhukka maatdhu..ore bejaar avanoda. Posthagam alla kuthukuraango iskool laye”.

    When I sit and think about it, many comes to my mind. It is always great to recollect our small observations over others in the city.

    To end…for now…take this…

    “Punchure aayitirikidhey, Teebu dhaan maathanum..Thaety rubees aavum”.

  3. SamAruna says:

    A nice Trip down the Triplicane memory lanes.

    But any description about Triplicance is not complete without mention of Hindu High School. Having been a student of the school I can proudly say that it has been the educational abode of many a Triplicanates. It is the only school where u can find not only students sometimes even Teachers coming without Chappals to school. But when 0ne takes in to account the huge number of multifaceted personalites this school has given to the society .. there is no school to match this red bodied monster.

    Other Things that come to my mind are

    1. Bramoutsavams where Mami decorate streets with kolam, half naked Mamas chant Slogams and horses and elephants galore along the Madavidis.

    2. Urihadi.. where daring youths try to hook the prize braving galloons of water thrown upon them

    3. The political meetings in Car Street.Singrachari street..(where many great leaders have shared the stage.)

    One can add on and on… Triplicane they say is a Bachelors paradise… I feel it is a Paradise even for people who have lost their precious Bachelor hood.

    (Posted on behalf of Mr. T.A. Sriram, famous Playwright who has penned such hilarious comedies as “Kadhalikka Neram Hundu” dramatised by the evergreen Y.Gee. Mahendra’s United Amateur Artists)

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