The High Voltage Current

The heat is back on and this time it is One Day matches through which the two arch rivals are going to compete for the cup. Pakistan stating its come back as a unit and thrashing all the rumors that was surrounded sometime back that the team has not been doing well as it was in the past. True. Not only they made those as lies, but they also informed India that it is equally competent in seaming conditioned pitches.

I still wonder how they were able to produce such a wonderful display of swing bowling which the Indians struggled to. I think the bunch of all-rounders made the difference. Especially Abdur Razzaq, I always have admiration for this cricketer. Whether he is getting the recognition he deserves from the Pakistan board is a big doubt for me.

Now for the one-dayers too, there will be few all-rounders roaming around the grounds for both the teams. I am sure we will have some electrifying moments through out the one day series. Some snaring few shouldering are waiting for us. When India and Pakistan play matches immaterial of whether it is a one-day game or a test match, the heat is always there.

This time, India after being thrashed out of the Test competency they are back and ready to make a mark in the coming limited over matches. While Pakistan will have the edge of playing under home conditions, India has got nothing less to lose the series. Their recent past performances against the Lions and Proteas are certificates to prove that.

Pakistan are strong and hard fighters and yes, if it is India, they give two hundred percentages best. Indians need some scores from Sachin Tendulkar who is expected to open with Sehwag. Well, if these two gets going, no stopping for the India clinching the series. It is not the old Indian team and the new current is passing through some young bloods that are really proving their mettle. All India need is some scintillating performance to out play the mighty Pakistanis. It can be from either from Sehwag or Sachin or Dravid or Dhoni or..

Well there seems to be a no end for the previous statement. All I would suggest Greg Chappell is that he should be concentrating on the team in hand rather than thinking about the opponents and their mistakes. There should be a line drawn for the Chappell-Ganguly indifference. Whether Chappell likes him or not is not the question. It is all about moulding the former Indian captain so as to make him useful for the team. It is a fact that like Sachin we also need Ganguly till the World Cup 2007.

India definitely has a strong bowling line up. Only thing is whether they will all fall in place and bowl a thinking length specific to the Pakistan batsmen who are well known for their mighty hitting in the slog overs. They need to stick to the plan drawn.

On the other hand, I would say Pakistan will now be boosted by their performances in the recently concluded Test Matches. Pakistan’s batting line-up is second to none. They have some elegant as well as flashy players. If India has Sehwag, then Pakistan has Afridi as an answer. If we the Indians have Dhoni Pakistan’s wicket too kept by a superb batsmen, Kamran Akmal. The way he played the Indian bowlers and sent them to the boundaries mercilessly, I am sure you can expect some good pinch hitting from him. Pakistan has answers for all the criticisms about their batting line-up.

Their bowling headed by the Rawalpindi express is a real threat to the Indian batsmen especially when India needs to chase some mammoth Pakistan totals. Afridi will play his part in the game as a bowler too. They have as many as two useful all-rounders in the team who can produce some good match winning performances.

Well, all these are in the papers and we need to see whether both the teams can pull their socks and give us some treat for our eyes. Whether the Indian batting line-up can counter attack the Pakistan pace battery or the hard hitting Pakistan batting squad will once again smash a well balanced Indian bowling attack is to be seen. We have got just more than twelve hours to witness the world’s finest cricketers battling for the helm. You cannot stay away from the heat. It is on.

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  1. SamAruna says:

    By the time I read this post, the first match was already over. If not actually, Pakistanis have technically chased and won the highest ever target.

    It is undigestable that the Indians, despite notching up a very good total, lost the match.

    Poor planning and lack of clear strategies is evident in this loss.

    Greg appears to be a good coach but not good a tactician/ strategist.

    Bob Woolmer certainly scores better on this count. He has been able to give better strategies to his team.

    We seem to be having no plan or clue for containing some of the Pakistani cricketers who perform consistently against India. The list is growing by the day – Kamran Akmal, Salman Butt, Afirdi, Younis Khan, Inzy, Mohd. Yousuf (Yohanna), Abdul Razack and so on.

    That we folded up so meekly when we could have scored atleast 50 more runs (we were at one stage 285 for 3 with 9 overs to go and were all out for 328 with 2 balls remaining).

    If you lose after scoring 328 runs, it certainly means the following:

    1. No strategy to contain the opposition players, especially those who seem to have developed a liking for your bowling

    2. Not building up pressure when wickets fall

    3. Improper, unimaginative use of the power play option – all teams seem to have this habit of extending the power play to stretch it to 20 overs instead of spreading out thru the innings

    We must urgently think of ways of restricting the Pak players who are upsettingly consistent against us.

    Just see the number of hundreds these guys have accumulated exclusively against India, you will know what I mean.

    We have the top ranking batsman with us in our team. But, we don’t have a strategy

    Pakistanis don’t have many such high repute batsman / players. But, they have a strategy.

    I don’t think other matches will produce better results for India, unless they change their mindset and have a plan.

    Just go back and see when India dominated against Pakistanis. You will notice that after the last India visit to Pakistan, it is Pakistan that is dictating terms to us.

  2. Sarathguru Vijayananda says:


    Your comments are on-spot. I too feel that the team India missed out the strategy needed for that hour. I think on field creativity was missing from the Dravid. But still we cannot write-off the whole series that Pakistan will dictate terms.

    India will certainly give a comeback. Remember, the power factory has not so far produced much of runs after the first Test match. If he starts firing then there will be a great difference between the two sides.

    That is said. But Team India has to find some way or other to restrict the Pakistanis stupendous batting line which never gives up. The concluded One-day match is an evidence of their calibre to chase such a mammoth total. Whether India would have scored this win had they batted and chased this total is a big question to me.

    They (India) made their first mistake even before the toss. That is making Harbhajan sit out. He would have made a big difference in the place of Murali Kartik. Harbhajan is not so old that you need to find a replace now itself. First Murali Kartik needs to learn not only to contain batsmen but also taking wickets at the crucial stages of the match. Harbhajan would have also added batting strength. May be he would have added 20 more runs to the total.

    Sreesanth too is no exception. I would recommend R.P. Singh in his place. Also as you have correctly mentioned, the power play was not implemented or used to its perfection.

    Let us all only hope that India rectifies its mistakes before the second ODI starts. Do you have any doubt that the tour series’ between India and Pakistan is fixed? I do have a small amount of doubt. I doubt the two country’s politicians are taking the field.

  3. Sharath says:

    I would like to begin my first post here with a juicy topic..

    Were the Indians right on appealing for Inzy’s casual blocking the ball that was throwed by Raina?

    I personally feel it as slightly unethical. I was happy to find that Michael Holding, who was commenting at that time also echoed my thoughts. He said that the appeal was not in the right spirits of the game, but rules are rules.

    This is not the first time I felt Indian cricket hit an ethical low.. to my knowledge.. lemme put forward few instances I remember.

    1. A One-day match in Mohali against the West Indies in 2002.. Vasbert Drakes dismissed Dravid with a genuine thick edge to the keeper. The only wrong act Drakes did was to appeal for that (but that is how instincts work, right?) and what Dravid did wrong was not to walk for those… agreed.. u can stand your ground till the umpire asks you to leave.. but for such noisy edges, gentleman cricket cries to you to better leave or let ethical cricket die. And on top of that, the umpire Hariharan, rather than turning down the appeal.. actually made a wild gesture to Drakes to come and bowl the next ball.. as if there was no drama in that delivery…

    That day Hariharan joined my elite list of famous (or should I call the infamous) Indian umpires that includes SK Bansal and some Sharma who raised his index finger in a one-dayer against sri lanka and changed it later only to scratch his head.

    2. Indians appealing for Michael Vaughan handling the ball against the non-violent vegetarian bowling of Sarandeep Singh in a test match in Bangalore in 2001. Mark Ramprakash did well that time as the non-striker in asking Vaughan to leave and let sanity prevail for the rest of the game rather than rubbing the dirt further.

    3. Tendulkar’s ban in South Africa in 2001 for alleged ball tampering that put the match refree Mike Denness in bad light. Tendulkar was acquitted, but did Denness continue refreeing after the series?

    It is simply a classic case of Indian cricket Vs Sanity in Cricket?

    These are just few instances where I feel if Indian cricket improves.. we can be the world best. But, the corollary is alsways not true, Australia is not the most ethical cricketing nation to be on the top of the pedestal.

    Let us call for ethical cricket and let sanity prevail.

  4. SamAruna says:


    Good post.

    But, the day we started wearing pyjamas to play cricket, all ethics went for a six thru a non-cricketing shot.


    R. Sathyamurthy

  5. Anonymous says:

    I agree with you Sharath
    But our excessive shouts( or we can say appealing).. outbursts of anger/victory in the field is increasing day by day.
    Example: Watch Yuvraj or Harbajan whenever they score a 50 or take a wicket. The behave as if they are doing it for the first time in the history of cricket.

    I still remember when Lara surpassed the Hayden’s highest individual score in Test Cricket… He just showed his bat and acknowledged the cheers from the crowd. It is high time Indian players need a crash course on “Ethics & Behavior in the Cricket Field”..

    For the amount of money they have been paid, Indian Team should win more matches than any other team in the world. They fail to remember the basic rule that they are out in the field to perform and get results.. They should be made accountable & responsible for all their actions. To make it very simple when you carry a bat you score runs , when you bowl you are supposed to take wickets in the field ?? field well (Sachin,Ganguly are they listening ??)

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