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There are few words particularly spelt wrong by generations in Tamil Nadu. I have been hearing those when I am travelling to my office or at home or when with friends or just go out for a walk down the streets my area. Almost all the chennaites would have heard those. Just when rethink/recollect it gives me a funny feeling. I hope the same for you too.
Fefsi – Pepsi
Thaety – Thirty
Faive – FiveSis – Six
There will be a lady walking across when we friends sit together for a chat. One of them will say “Ladies poraanga odhungu” meaning Ladies are going give a way. Though they know that there is only one lady is going, they dont seem to change this dialogu for generations.
Ferfect – Perfect
Ner Straight – “ner” in tamil means straight only
But “aana” – “Aana” in tamil means but in english
“nadu center” – “Nadu” in tamil means Center in english
Feeling avadhe – Means to say “Don’t feel for it” – Grammatical excuses :)
Naan “Management” panikkaren – Means I will manage. Here the exact word to be used is Manage and not Management. Again Gra x..
Istop – Stop
Ischool – School
Kareetu – Correct
The list just goes and goes and goes. Having commented about the pronounciation, being around these things is a joy I felt.
Recently I was to a shop to buy menthal choclates (halls). There was a conversation between another customer who looked like a college student who has not seen where it is actually and the shop keeper. For those who know tamil would understand. If you don’t know tamil, please excuse because I am not translating it as the fun will not be attained in English.
Customer: Thala, oru more menthol kudu..(more menthol cigar)
Shop Keeper: humm..
Customer: Yenna thala, Naalu rooba kuduthu vaangarom..yemathariye..
Shop Keeper: yenna pa..yenna aachu?
Customer: More menthol irukku, more yenga?
Shop Keeper: @##$#@$#$#$!!!!
The shop keeper comes back quickly and replies back…”Pirichi Paaru oothum”
Customer: @#@#@###@#!!!
More to come..

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  1. Sharath says:


    This post reminds me of our good old days in Nandanam Temple Towers with our good old Akshy!!!

    Lemme add some more from my memory. Read carefully, I really hope u will understand the slang as the following is strictly the way Akshy will put it to us:

    When Akshy’s bike got punctured he went to “Sarna Meganik “

    Sarna: Kaathu yerangitirikidhey, puncture aayitirikidhey, Thaety rubees aavum…

    Sarna’s friends names would be funnily pronounced as Balaey, Velaey, Siva, meni, refi, jagob..


    Keep these things coming.. We can make a good comedy spoof of these people on Star Vijay once we get a good chunk of content.

    What do u say?

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