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Need of the Hour

10 February 2006 2 Comments
The on-going debate and several cricketers’ opinions are on whether Rahul Dravid’s claim was in spirit of the game or not. I seriously doubt these people are bothered on who will win the one-day series between India and Pakistan.

The newspapers and e-Papers are all there to only blow things out of proportion through which they mint money. Their entire endeavor is to make money and they are not concerned what happens to the team and very particularly to that Individual. I have not traveled to far away from India to tell you whether this is the normal practice followed by any newspapers or online media people throughout the world.

Not the only the media that is to be cursed but also the yesteryear cricketers. I agree they were great at their times in cricket. But that does not mean that they are good in analyzing one’s view and can comment. India being a democratic country, every single person is allowed talk his thoughts. While media is ready with their right hand is filled with camera and the left with money(remuneration), ex-cricketers are ready with their comments. Both these guys join hands only to put down some individual’s career.

Whether Rahul Dravid or Inzamam is too much concerned about the spirit of the game or not, all these guys are. They mean so. But they actually are not. Even if I critisize a player and demoralize him through my article I will be paid plenty of cash immediately. For media it does not matter where it comes from. They are happy as long as they come. Just like runs from the Tail-enders in the end overs of a one-day match.

Where is patriotism? I cannot see them cared for the country and its progress. Especially NDTV, I always see them talking big about a very small incident. All they need is some news for the day to push. It will be either Lalu’s decision on Railways administration or a hyderabadi found fraudulent in some e-company. Also instead of the player himself (Sachin Tendulkar) they will discuss and decide on whether the player should continue to play or not.

Whenever I see some debate or big talk session in NDTV, they seem to close the show at their own perception. Then why the panel is set out and we the viewers are taken for granted. All they do is eyewash.

While this news channel goes this way, the Tamil Nadu’s very own Sun Network has Sun News to spoil the image of our tradition / culture or primarily truth. They interpret the news only to the benefit of the Political party they indirectly support. In other words, the Political party they support indirectly runs the network. But what the money they make through sponsorships and advertisements is all based on the viewership. Wont they do any good to this public?

These channels seldom show news on achiever or achievement by India or a program through which they talk about the growth of the Indian Economy. I saw the latest cricket controversies in NDTV. Gosh…that fellow Sanjay Jha is a Bengali and it is not a surprise that he supports Ganguly. Sonali Chander, either she talks or often gives him chance to speak than somebody who doesn’t support the Prince of Kolkata. It is not so weird that this news channel supports the party at the helm.

These guys cannot be changed. All right. Why cannot we change ourselves to some other good channels? Do we need a better channel than DD for unbiased news? If you say stock market updates as one of the factor, then there are lots of other Channels give the same. These quotes are not by that TV but as per the report and updates from BSE and NSE.

Unless we change, we cannot change the world. Need of the hour is to curb all these guys from making money out of us.


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