Moments of Truth

He went to lunch at 390 and the magical 400th run came with another sweep for single. The celebration was much more low-keyed but Lara was the picture of a contented man. He had not only broken the world record and scaled heights, but also restored the pride and dignity to himself and to his people. Courage thy name Lara. My salute to this great cricketer I have ever seen.

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  1. SamAruna says:

    It is astonishing that Brian Charles Lara broke the record that broke his record within almost two weeks of having seen his record broken. (I think I should have broken that sentence into atleast two!)

    There are always debates on who is better, Sachin or Lara. For the number of runs scored Sachin will win hands down.

    For the way the runs were scored, the authority displayed on the field and the number of longer innings played in non-Asian soils, I would rate Brian Charles Lara the better of the two!

    I know there will be few (Indian) takers for this choice. But, I remain, yours truly and standby my views.

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