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Sweet and Sour – 2005 a look back.

30 December 2005 3 Comments

I still remember the end-months of year 2004; I was struggling like anything to get a break in my career. All I did was waiting for the right opportunity patiently, upgrading myself in terms of educational qualification and rendered my prayers to Lord Narasimha. Here I proudly say that I was clouded and supported by my brothers. I say that nobody in this world would have got brothers like what I have. I thank them from my heart at this moment. I thank GOD for giving such a wonderful family for supporting me consisting of great Parents, wonderful brothers, caring in-laws and the playful kids of my brothers.

I will be a fool if I say that I got into this field only because of the educational qualification. It was combination of my focus, concentration, and determination; taking up challenges that life posted on me, educational upgradation, God’s blessings, Parents Blessings, Brother’s wishes, Friend’s prayers and the last but not the least, LUCK. All these favored me to get into this highly paid field. I got through with what can be termed as considerably small company but in good books of various big clients. This company gave me some good exposure. All went well till I decided to look out for opportunities. Well, the reason is not a Sudoku Puzzle. I thank them too for giving far amount of knowledge and confidence, which was a big F to get into a company called Birlasoft Limited owned by one of the India’s Top 5 Business Groups.

I started with Birlasoft in the mid 2005; I should mention here that it had a big offing in terms of a good environment. I joined them as System Analyst. It is an excellent break in my life. This job not only pays me a good package, but also gives a very good atmosphere to work with. Day after day I get information from Corporate Communications department about the growth, developments and the expansion plans. I confess that I have got a company I deserved and more than that I am into a company of my dreams. I am sure Birlasoft will one day become one of the top three Indian IT companies. I will wait for that day to cherish my stay here. However, I do have concerns for them that the company’s policies are the weakness as equal to their strength.

As the months passed by in the Year 2005, my parents are very eager to end my fasting as a bachelor and wanted me to get married. It was a wish, as any parents would have for their sons and daughters. I got sacred threaded in the month of June the same month I joined Birlasoft. I once again stress here that I got such a friendly and wonderful parents; we three use to sit together in front of the computer and search the best girl that suits three of us filling all our criteria.

My trip from Noida to Chennai in the month of August 2005 to render 1008 prayers to Goddess Gayathri Devi on the day of Aavani Avittam was a mixed one in my lifetime. The month I can never forget even if I become unconscious. If you ever say that a man lived to his and with his principles and to his likings throughout his life, if you ever say that a man who gave his heart out for the growth and development of this family and finally in this event lost his life, that is my Father. When I write this I get into tears, which takes me to the memories about him.

I still remember the days as a boy; he was very affectionate, kind and caring to me. Took me to many places as a tour. Gave me money whenever I required some. Gave good education that ensured me a job and social status what I have now. People who see him working would say that he was a born Gemini. Such a capable person he was to handle more than three-four things at a time. But if you see in depth is a very strong Capricorn. Yes, a true Capricorn.

He gave his fullest life to our family that he hardly enjoyed the luxuries of the life. Remember he was with Bank and his wife; my mother was a School Teacher, a working couple in the 1960’s. Just think what else they could have missed had they decided to hangout and enjoy their life to the fullest instead of caring about their children and their future.

The work he did being a heart patient for more than 10 years after retirement was absolutely amazing. I have seen elders taking a complete rest and stay away from the normal life once their heart is attacked. I mean chest pain. He felt younger as the day progressed. I do not know what he thought when we were taking to the hospital, but surely would not have thought that it is going to be his day last. Is it not?

Such a strong person my father is that, the attack was severe and pulse started going down in the house itself, still his desire to extend his life only to see my marriage and help others made him to control his death at least for 15 extra minutes are so giving chance to the doctors. It was a fight between him and the Lord. He wanted to stay with us while Lord wanted him there to be with him and with his forefathers. You better know who wins generally in these kinds of battles. Yes. You are right.

We could not even imagine our father lying down in an ice box just not worried about what was happening around him and what was happening to him.

The last outing I went with my father was to see a girl’s for me (20th of August 2005), who is my would-be now. I am getting married to her by April 2006. I finalized that girl in the memories of my father as he liked the girl’s family and needless to mention here that I liked her too.

Days have gone and will go, but memories on my father keeps coming and coming inside the heart every time I see him in the photo. I am not used to it before. I use to talk to him in person only, I use to see him playing games, taking food, and helping out in the household works, going out for various outside works. But I have never seen in photo as Idle as the photo itself.

(Wait for my writing on the After-death of Human Being)

On the Thirteenth day of my father’s after-death rituals, I got engaged with Priya, the girl mentioned in the previous paragraph. I am once again lucky to get such a kind and caring girl in my life to partner all along. I will tell you what, many of the consulted astrologers say that this match is a very good one and will blossom in the life. Give me a break; you will be surprised if I say that she is an Arean by Zodiac sign. Have you ever seen Taurus and Aries matching and gelling well? Well famous books say that they don’t go well with each other but if these two signs make it, then it’s one of the best pair you will see around. Oh, Did I tell you that she looks good too? Didn’t I? Sorry. I will update the marriage photos very soon. For the time being, I have plans to upload the engagement photos.

By now you would have understood fully why I say that the year was a mixed one for me. A great loss in the kind of my beloved Father’s death and a great beginning to what is going to be a wonderful married life from April 2006.

There are a lot to write, but stopping here as my mind wants some rest. I don’t strain myself you see.

Well, I forgot to tell you buddies that one of my ex-colleagues is more likely to join with me. Just yesterday I passed his resume to my HR department and today he got a call from them. The talks are on. He has a final round of Interview by tomorrow (12/30/2005) the penultimate day of the year 2005. Will this year-end be a break-through for him like what was 2004 to me? Well I hope so. Another fact about that friend; he is also a Taurean by Zodiac.
I have come out with very few of my memories of the year 2005. Hope to write you more and more memories. I am just thinking of writing an online diary. What do you suggest?


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