Just a beginning

“So what actually kept you busy these days to not to have entered into the blog and post your own”, was the question raised into me to myself.

“Let me think”, was my answer. I know that I am going to give a blame reason. Actually speaking I have never been so busy that I could not write something here. Today I have taken a resolution that I will never postpone anything for tomorrow. But for how long I do not know.

Friends, I am not going to write much in this. I am giving you an idea of what I am going to deal with and how. Am making your life easier. Is it not? You can then decide to come again to my BlogSpot or not to after reading this.

But I assure you best of contents which is of interest to me and interested me to write about. My scriblings will have fun, facts, philosophy (do not worry, no over dosages).

I am very new to this writing field. Please excuse if you find any mistakes. I would like you to help me tuning my writing skills and in this course to develop myself as a good writer.

Will meet you all soon. Wait for my next and its my first.

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  1. SamAruna says:

    The Taj Mahal, The Great Wall of China, the Pyramids and you name anything that you consider big started with the initial steps.

    Without a beginning, there is nothing to end.

    A beginning, good or bad is required for anything – good or bad :-)


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