ihateganguly.com becomes cricketwatchdogs.com

Qaiser Mohammad Ali (Indo-Asian News Service)

With its “short term goal partially accomplished”, www.ihateganguly.com, the website apparently created by critics of deposed captain Sourav Ganguly, has now become www.cricketwatchdogs.com, though its essence seems to be the same.
Click on www.ihateganguly.com and you are directed to www.cricketwatchdogs.com, with the following message posted on the redirected website: “With our short-term goal partially accomplished, we now embrace our long term mission – to be cricket’s watchdogs by fostering healthy debates.”
“You will be directed to www.cricketwatchdogs.com shortly…” And there appears the photo of a dog on the home page, with the following line in bold letters “Fostering Healthy Cricket Debates.”
By “short-term goal” the website clearly refers to the ouster of Ganguly from the Indian one-day team.
Ganguly, who was controversially dropped from the third Test with Sri Lanka played here, looks a doubtful candidate for the Indian tour of Pakistan starting next month.\
The goal of the website seems to tease the West Bengal batsman with good humour, if not criticise him in harsh words, as www.ihateganguly.com did.
Also on the home page is a tongue-in-cheek write-up titled “KBC – Kaun Banega Cricketer”, which captures a scene in which the Indian team coach Greg Chappell conducts a quiz competition among the members of the national team to pick the squad for the first drawn Test against Sri Lanka held in Chennai recently.
All cricketers – Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Yuvraj Singh, Mohammed Kaif, Gautam Gambhir, VVS Laxman, Virender Sehwag and Ganguly – are asked to answer the questions by pressing the buzzer.
The piece also refers to the alleged finger gesture of Chappell to Ganguly’s fans in Kolkata before the one-day international against South Africa there last month.
It also refers to former Indian cricket board president Jagmohan Dalmiya, a staunch Ganguly supporter, and Probir Mukherjee, the chief curator of Kolkata’s Eden Gardens ground.
It is not clear who runs the website. It just says: “We are group of cricket fans interested in the welfare of this great game.”

Courtesy: Hindustan Times.

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2 Responses to ihateganguly.com becomes cricketwatchdogs.com

  1. SamAruna says:

    I had high opinions about Greg Chappell. However, he has proved that he can get as dirty as he did when he asked his brother Trevor to bowl that underarm delivery long back to win a match against New Zealand.

    I suspect that it was Chappell who leaked the email about Ganguly that he sent to the Board from Zimbabwe. Since he had written that email no one will suspect that he was the one who released it to the press. He is a dirty chap and soon Dravid will also find it.

  2. Sarathguru Vijayananda says:

    I don’t think Greg Chappell is as dirty as you say. When you see the incident as a dirty act, I am seeing it as an act or an attitude of a person to win matches. When he asked his brother to bowl underarm, he was fully aware of the then rules for cricket. That is what I am looking at as another good thing about him.

    All is said and done in the case of Chappell-Ganguly Saga. For a single player, though he had own matches and created history, you cannot keep your country waiting and not performing. Yes. I do agree that Ganguly deserves a neat farewell. Upto this it’s okay. Supporting his inclusion in the team looks very odd.

    I do have a strong feeling that his (if he performs well in the coming local matches) presence in the playing 11 will defenitely give a far amount of depth in both batting and bowling is concenrned.

    But tell me Mr. Samaruna, if he is included in the team, what assurance we have that he will not play a game to remove Greg Chappell. Again I don’t say that Greg Chappell is irremovable. Ganguly surely will play his trump cards slowly once he is in, as he has been known for building his own team inside the Indian Cricket.

    I am trying to tell that this revenges can be kept aside for the future of our Indian Cricket.

    All I am worried about is the fate of the Indian Cricket. Let us acknowledge one thing that this current Indian Team under Greg Chappell has gone leaps and bounds when it matters most and our ranking in both One-day and Test has gone up considerably. He deserves full credit. Needless to mention the players attitude and cooperation to become like a Team what it is now.

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