Ganguly – The What If?

Ganguly – Chappell Spat. Rahul Dravid replacing Ganguly at the helm. Ganguly not included in the squad for Sri Lanka series. Ganguly forced his comeback by some wonderful knocks in the local matches. Back in the side and played a patient innings against the Sri Lankans though it was not a big score to cement his place. Again dropped from the team for the third and final test against the Lions.

Ganguly meets Sharad Pawar. There were rumours that he is unlikely to make it to the squad. Ganguly back in the team. This time surely he forces not with his scores and past records but surely with the political moves.

All the above one-liners, we can say, were big news for the Indian media world. I had a chance to watch a program in a private news channel which had Niranjan Shah (Media Manager for BCCI) in the panel. He was asking a valuable question which most of us did not really think off. Kolkata was in fire and there were banners against Kiran More and Greg Chappell. Whole Bengal community supporting Ganguly’s place in the team not really knowing the fact about his records.

Niranjan Shah asked, So does that mean if a Mumbaikar is dropped and there will be a protest by the Maharashtrians? what about Karnataka? Will Tamil Nadu take the same position if some Tamil Nadu player is dropped? Finally I ask you all, Do we have answer to these questions?
Well at the oneside we say that he deserves a good clean farewell at the end of his career. I don’t deny that friends. I only ask you what if he is selected and if he is consistent in not performing consistently. He has to be dropped from the team anyway. I would suggest “Better you go with a good record than to spoil your own”.

Take a look at his performances since year 2000 . Not so great. After all he is the person responsible for the young bloods in the team, but we should not totally slide on one single individual when talking about whole India. We are 120 million populated country.

I strongly beleive that his “Never Say Die” approach will give us some good cricket to watch at the upcoming Pakistan tour and I hope to sit in front and watch his flamboyant cover dirves, square drives, occassional pulls and the way he treats the spinners every now and then.

Again, my question, what if he fails to do the above? Will again the Kolkata crowd stand up for a protest that he needs a place in the team until he himself calls it a day?

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  1. Aravind says:


    Your blog was very intersting.It was correct.

    If anyone does not perorm well,they should be out of the team.Ganguly was not in form for the last three or four years.

    However,the Kolkata people are causing “Bundh” against the approval of dropping Ganguly which affects public life.

    Actually,he had performed well in the Ranji matches he played and he had already scored a century against Zimbabwe.

    However,Zimbabwe is not a very good side and this team is in the secondlast position both in Tests and ODIs.

    He should play more Ranji matches and practice with concentration and determination to make a good comeback and to play well in the future matches against better cricket playing nations.

  2. SamAruna says:

    Two things.

    Your views fail to see the following.

    No one complained, and in fact, agreed with the selectors when Ganguly was dropped from one day squad. Not a soul revolted.

    Kolkatta crowd was an exception and they normally are too emotional. Remember the crowd interrupted World Cup semi-final match against Sri Lanka. Just in the previous match India had done wonderfully well agaisnt arch rivals Pakistan and won a great match.

    But the moment the crowd hopes of a grand victory against the Sri Lankans was belied the Kolkatta crowd became restive and booed the very same Indian team that had done well against Pakistan in the previous matched.

    Same way, the Kolkatta crowd reacted to a poor Indian performance against South Africa in Kolkatta and their anger was just further fueled by the fact that their famous son was not in that team. But, such behaviour didn’t find any support elsewhere in India.

    However, when Ganguly was dropped after making two patient and useful contributions in the Delhi test many Indian fans (not only the Bengalis) and many of the former cricketers and even the current BCCI President Pawar were shocked.

    You don’t drop a cricketer after a reasonably good performance. Do you?

    If you consider selecting Ganguly was political, there are many reasons to point that his dropping was also political.

    How else you justify several chances being given to Ajit Agarkar despite his repeated average performances?

    Since when do the selectors decide the slot a batsman will play, except for the opener’s position? I thought that is the prerogative of the team management rather than the selectors. They only select n number of operners, middle order bats, keepers and bowlers. Who plays in which slot then becomes the team management’s decision and not the selectors.

    When the team itself is announced on the morning of the match, how can the selectors, who select a 14 member squad say that “we cannot select Ganguly and put him in the reserves”, :Yuvraj is well settled at No.6″ etc.

    Is it not then a farce that you have a 14 member squad? If the playing eleven including the batting order is already decided why have the other players in the squad?

    The selectors are a bunch of jokers.

    Read my blog to read more such views

  3. Sarathguru Vijayananda says:

    I don’t agree with everything you have written. However, I go with you about the way the Selectors playing off the field. Yes. The card called Politics was used by the Selectors too. I don’t see any great thing in Pawat getting shocked though. It was a Political Drama by Pawar.

    Please don’t tell me that he has scored in one match and that too a reasonable performance and that should be a factor to decide his place. If you see in that way, I am sorry to say that Ganguly has not been a good performer since 2000. What would you have to say for this?

    When you pointed out Agarkar, I always have a strong belief that it is all because of Ganguly who is totally responsible for what he is. He (Agarkar) was totally sidelined and was hardly asked to open the bowling at the starting stage of his career. Instead he went on with the injury prone Khan’s and Nehra’s.

    Look at Sachin Tendulkar. If he was performing miserably for the past few years it was because of Ganguly I would say. Look at the joy in his face in the recently concluded series. Have you ever seen this before when Ganguly was captaining. Nor did Ganguly greeted Tendulkar for his performances in any public speeches.

    His ladder to the career was Sachin Tendulkar. He has no respects for him. When Azhar was against him, it was Tendulkar who supported him. What is the return the Batting Great received from him.

    Somethings sometimes we need to look at it ethically than just following news and views of various people.

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